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— FOOD —

Our Canadian gastronomy follows the seasons and our foraging adventures



peas and carrots, parsely root, walnut, sumac

mushrooms, yogourt, filberts, white ham, lillies and nasturtiums

potatoes, seaweed, Saint-Laurent salted herbs, caviar, sunflowers

tomatoes, strawberries, red peppers, sheep’s feta, cucumber, lemonbalm


eggplants, beets, chickpea miso, basil, cilantro


sweet corn, baby corn, non force fed duck liver, sweet clover



Smoked Ontario silkies, sunflower milk, basil, wild flowers, alderpepper, honey

PEI mussels, Saint-Laurent river seaweed salald, aioli, tomato concasse

Lamb, zucchini blossom, zucchini, ricotta, pistou,

B.C.side stripe shrimps, garlic, lilac vinegar, beets, soy yogourt, pinneaple weeds, pea flowers


27 day aged O’brien beef, smoked whitefish roe, horseradish $TBD

Labrador scallop, O’Brien beef, egg yolk, shallots, chanterelles, sea-asparagus


childhood memories

Housemade bread and our selection of butters

Frozen strawberries, wild rice, birch, flowers

ice cream, wild mint, kale, malted barley dulce, black apple and rye

sunflower butter, haskap, beet powder




Executive Chef Dominique Dufour



—  Cured and aged —

Handmade charcuterie, exclusively Canadian cheeses

Sea and swine saucisson, BC octopus and berkshire pork, sumac, pine nuts, basil -7$/oz

Berkshire pork and O’brien beef summer sausage, daisy capers -7$/oz

Berkshire pork mortadella-7$/oz

Deer pepperette, Hidden bench gin, toasted seaweed,wild mushrooms-7$/oz

Berkshire pork white ham, maple glazed and smoked-7$/oz

Le cap Lauzon-Raw goat and sheep-12 months-Québec QC 9$/oz

Laliberté-pasterized whole cow’s milk- 4 weeks-Warwick ,QC 9$/oz

Pied-de-vent- raw cow milk-2 months-Îles-de-la Madeleine QC 9$/oz

Tomme de Kamouraska-raw sheep milk cheese-4 months-Kamouraska QC 9$/oz

Le majestic-pasteurized buffalo milk- 7 months-Saint-Charles-Sur-Richelieu QC 9$/oz

Le tuyau de poêle-pasterized goat milk-15 days-Saint-Isidore QC 9$/oz

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